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The Time Seems to Have Come

OK, guys, it has happened. The bots have found me. *hangs head in shame*

So, this journal is going to have to go Friends Only. I'm going to try this whole "filter" thing i hear so much about. So, reply here and i'll add you to the fic filter or to the friends filter. a few of you lucky devils will even go onto the Real Life filter.

This is going to take a bit of time. I have to figure out HOW to accomplish all of this. I have to figure out how to put up a Friends Only banner.... i have to go grocery shopping. it's a whole big thing.

So while i'm off wibbling and running about in circles, flailing my arms like an escaped lunatic off of their meds, please reply here if you would like to continue to read my insanity.

Fandom = I'm just here for the porn; no offence, but i don't really care about your work, your pets, your groups or your happy freaking fridays.

Friend = I came for the porn, and now i care about your work, your pets, your groups and your happy freaking fridays.

Real Life = Dood, if you don't add me, just remember that I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!

Know that there are NO hard feelings here. If you're here for the porn, i'm happy to have you here!

*Edited to add: I also have most of my works up on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/users/Maab_Connor
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She's ALIVE!!

hey all. i'm (sadly) not in here with a lovely bit of fic for you. i am however in here with a pretty serious PSA.

scrolling through my Tumblr (yeah, i'm Maab_Connor there too) i find out about ebooks-tree.com who are STEALING STORIES!!!

i ran over and checked and they had two of my fics up. i'm PISSED. go check and make sure that they didn't get you too. and if they did, i followed these suggestions from Tumblr user fyeahcopyright and freaoscanlin:

We’ve been getting pings and @’s all morning about ebooks-tree.com who seem to be scraping/taking stories off of AO3 and hosting them as PDFs and mobi downloads on their site; the site seems to be pulling from UrBookLibrary as well. They’re not reading your “do not copy/duplicate” notes on your AO3 fic; their bots are pulling things directly from AO3, without AO3′s authorization or assent. It looks like they are pulling from Wattpad too, again without authorization or assent.

While the Ebooks-Tree DMCA page seems to imply that you need a lawyer or other “authorized person” to submit a takedown notice, you don’t; you can do it yourself.

As we’ve posted before, fanfic writers hold copyright in their stories, although not in lines/quotes from the works they’ve been inspired by, and because of that, fanfic writers can submit DMCA takedown notices, or have someone do it on their behalf. While this post isn’t legal advice (none of our posts on FYC are), you might want to consider using this template (well, the bolded bits) in telling ebooks-tree to take down your content:

Your Name and/or Pseudonym as an e-signature (or the name of the person you’ve authorized to submit this request, with a slash before it and after it):
Link(s) to the unauthorized works (link to the pdf, the mobi and the page hosting all of it):
Link(s) to an authorized version of your work (whether on AO3, tumblr, LJ or somewhere else):
An email address of the submitter (include it again even if it’s in the header):
This statement: I have good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.
This statement: The information in the notification is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.
That’s it - that’s all they need to know - you can submit all the info via http://www.ebooks-tree.com/info.php?contacts with DMCA Complaint in the subject; you may wish to submit the same content to Google via this page, or to BING via this page.

(Fwiw, even though they claim that they comply with the Copyright Act, they aren’t compliant with the DMCA Safe Harbor rules, as they aren’t listed on the copyright.gov list of agents.)

You can also submit a complaint about ebooks-tree to CloudFlare, who hosts the site. Their DMCA page is at https://www.cloudflare.com/abuse/form - as a matter of law you do not need to include the legal name of the copyright claimant/the fanfic writer, but you should include the pseudonym that the fic was posted under if you don’t want to include a legal name or address.


*grumbles b/c she's cranky already over not being able to write a single thing in a freakin YEAR and now this...*
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you know how sometimes, you're typing... and your brain just... takes a left? yeah. that's how this happens:

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there lived an elf named Derp. Derp was not the smartest of elves. he was not the luckiest. he was not the soberest. but he did understand one thing... the importance of beer goggles. that's how Derp got all the lady elves. and a couple of lady bugs. beer goggles go both ways. but one day Derp's plan backfired. he went out back of the bar with a "pretty lady" and got a blowjob from an ogre with a cold sore. and now we call him Herp Derp. which we SHOULD feel bad about, especially now that he's braindamaged - I did mention he's not the luckiest elf - but we don't. b/c we're terrible ppl. but we're ok with that. b/c fuck you Herp Derp, i'm a human and I've never had sex with a lady bug.

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Signal Boost for another Petition


White House Petition needs signatures to:

Put ELENA MIZULINA and VITALY MILONOV on the visa ban list for their role in creating Russia's ban on "gay propaganda"

you need an acct, but i've had one w/ them for a long time and haven't been spammed.

ION: does anyone know what's going to happen w/ LJ through this? we have a lot of gay porn on there. it's owned in Russia. is there any word on that? is the goat making any sounds?

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petition to IOC to change 2014 Olympic venue


in light of the new legislation and the BLATANT human rights violations Russia is not only accepting but encouraging, the International Olypic Commitee is being petitioned to change the 2014 venue out of Russia.

the IOC says that they are for human rights and for gay rights. Russia has said that any spectators or athletes who are out are risking prision.

this IS short notice and it WILL be a HUGE burden for another country to get ready in time. but i think that ANY country who truly supports basic human rights would be willing to put in the work.

the Olympics are an enormous money maker for the hosting country. let's hit Russia in the wallet.

please take a minute to sign the petition and please signal boost this everywhere.

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i know, i know, i know, i don't write, i don't call... stupid trying to have a life off the computer stuff! LOL.

BUT there is one really cool thing that i'm doing on here: GISHTWHES!!!

the Greatest Internet Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen! http://www.gishwhes.com

basically, it's a photo scavenger hunt straight out of the wonderfully twisted mind of Misha Collins. it's insanity for CHARITY! that makes it, like, totally socially acceptable. and totally up my alley!

so, if any of you wonderful ppl out there in internet land want to take part, i say do it! for CHARITY! or for insanity with a good excuse should the cops ask!

if you are planning on joining in this year and need a team, there is room on mine: Procrastin8ngDilemas (there were not enough letters available, i appologise for the 8, it shames me, but the name was too cool NOT to do it anyway.)

how are YOU!?

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i heart my state. i heart it hard.

Equality and civil rights 4 : small minded haters 0

srsly you guys, i am so happy today, i could cry. i'm finally seeing a movement in America towards true equality. i'm proud of us.

and ok, yeah, at the end of the day i think it's bullshit to have civil rights taken to a vote, but we stepped up in all 4 states and made a cry - loudly and clearly - that it's time for equality. not seperate-but-equalish. not here's-a-cookie-but-you're-a-second-class-citizen-get-over-it. equality.

... yeah... i has a happy.

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hey guys, Sandy didn't get me. all is well. missed two days of work, which was nice when i was on my couch, but now that i'm in and i can't see my desk? not so much.

hope you all got through ok.