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so kal_rhys_sian asked for SGA, Shepherd/Ronan, ceremonial incense releases Ronan's inner slut

bunny bit me.

Very much adult rated.

“You know,” John says, pulling Ronon off of the dance floor yet again, “when Woolsey told us to make nice with the locals, I don’t think he meant for you to make that nice.”

“Sheppard, d’ya need a hand with him?” Lorne calls out from the table where their two teams are sitting and watching the local festivities.

John waves off Lorne’s offer, unfortunately this is not the first time he’s had to drag a drunken teammate off of an alien dance floor. Though it’s not usually Ronon. “You usually hold the local hooch better than this,” John says as conversationally as he can with Ronon’s weight pressed solidly against his back.

“M’not drunk,” Ronon says quietly, his words slurred and his lips against the flesh of John’s neck.

“Sure you’re not, buddy. Let’s just get you to the rooms the nice people have given us and get you to bed. You’ll feel better in the morning.” By the time he manages to get Ronon into the appointed quarters for the night, he’s having a hard time telling himself that Ronon is leaning on him for support… it feels more cuddly than that. He coughs out a breath as the smoke from the incense that’s even burning in their rooms floods his nose and mouth.

Ronon presses his body a bit closer and moans.

John manages to get them over to the bed and backs up to it to drop Ronon’s drunk ass down and let him sleep it off. But Ronon doesn’t let go and John falls back with him, landing in a tangle of limbs. John has just enough time to register that Ronon is really hard under those leather pants, before Ronon flips them around and is lying on top of John, pulling John’s legs around his waist.

The first kiss is sloppy and wet, Ronon’s hands pulling savagely at John’s shirt.

“Whoa,” John says, framing Ronon’s face in his hands. “Easy there, buddy. What’s going on here?” He’s trying his damnedest to talk his cock into not sitting up and begging, but he knows it’s a losing battle.

“I want you,” Ronon says simply. He moves his mouth, trailing hot, open-mouthed kisses down John’s neck.

“I think…” John forces himself not to thrust up, not to grind his quickly-filling cock against Ronon’s, not to rut like a man possessed. “I think that there was something in your drink. You just need to get some… oh fuck!” He loses the battle against his lizard brain and bucks up into Ronon’s weight when one of his nipples is nipped a little too hard.

Ronon’s chuckle is soft and slightly growly, just like his voice. His callused fingers are running over John’s torso and he’s kissing John’s chest and petting the soft hair there.

Part of John’s brain is still calling out about frat regs and not taking advantage of a drunk buddy and DADT and security risk and is the door even locked – does the door even lock and who could walk in and Leavenworth and unsecured location and not taking advantage of a drunk buddy you’ve been wanting since you met him and not starting something like this, not when it could matter and when the hell did he get naked? But then Ronon’s hand is on his cock, tight and dry and pumping him just right and all of that seems to just float away. He grabs Ronon by the hair and pulls him up and kisses him properly, with heat and want and tongue and questions and answers all right there for the taking.

And Ronon does take. He moans wantonly and lines them up and takes his own cock, huge and hard and leaking, into hand with John’s and pumps them together. Their precome is adding just enough lube that it doesn’t hurt – or at least not in a bad way. “Want you,” Ronon says again, this time into John’s mouth as he’s diving back in for another breath-stealing kiss.

“Want you too,” John admits before his brain registers wanting to say anything. But it’s true and he can’t deny it. His own hands are exploring the smooth expanse of Ronon’s back, he saw it for so many years with the scars, and then Rodney –Rodney McKay of all people – had healed them and left that beautiful skin unblemished. He was finding out what Ronon liked and what he didn’t by the sounds he was making, moans and gasps all so uninhibited John couldn’t believe his luck. He traces his hand down and grabs that firm ass, loving how Ronon’s rhythm stutters against him. Then he moves lower and runs his fingers along the crease, dipping in to tease Ronon’s tight entrance.

“Lube?” Ronon gasps, his voice even rougher with sex.

John looks around, laughing as he has to move Ronon’s hair out of the way in order to do so. “Sorry, don’t see any.”

Ronon growls. “Want you inside me.”

John’s hips stutter their rhythm.

“You want that too?”

John’s voice seems to have abandoned him, so he nods and kisses Ronon hard, thrusting his tongue suggestively into Ronon’s mouth. He snakes his other hand down to join Ronon’s on their joined cocks, speeds up the rhythm just a bit and gasps in pleasure when Ronon bites down on his shoulder.

Ronon starts babbling nonsensically, his hips snapping harder into the tight circle of their hands. He holds John close and howls when he finds his release.

The sight of such abandon from Ronon and the slick come that drips over both of them pushes John that little bit more and he too is lost, coming hard and pulsing all over both of them, his seed mixing with Ronon’s on their sweat-slicked stomachs.

They hold tightly to each other, shaking and kissing and petting.

“You weren’t supposed to know,” Ronon says in a gravelly whisper.

“Know what?” John whispers back.

“That I want you. This. If I’d known they were gonna have grutem flower incense I probably wouldn’t have come to the festival, I would have stayed back and helped Teyla build the bassinette tonight.”

“The sweet incense that’s all over this place?” John questions. “What about it.”

“It’s used in the fertility rites on most worlds. Makes you hard and lowers inhibitions.”

John frowns. “I don’t feel any different.”

Ronon shrugs and curls more around John. “Maybe it’s a Pegasus thing.”

John takes a deep breath and goes out on a limb. “Now that I do know… I think you should know that I have a nice new bottle of lube in my quarters. I restocked last time I was on Earth. I even have flavors.”

He feels Ronon’s face break out into a smile where it’s pillowed on his chest. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

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